Is there tax on my package?

Yes, there is a 13% tax that applies to all packages/purchases.

If we are on the Housekeeping Plan, can we buy an occasional meal in the dining room?

Yes, some advance notice is required however.

Do you provide life jackets?

Yes we do.

Do you supply towels and bedding?

Yes we provide a daily towel change and all bedding.

Are purchases at the lodge in US or Canadian funds?

All purchases at the lodge are in US funds.

Do you sell fishing tackle?

Yes, we have a well-stocked tackle shop at the lodge.

Where can I get a lake map?

We sell Fishing Hot Spots maps at the lodge. The new version with GPS coordinates costs $12.00 + tax.You can also call them direct at 1-800-338-5957.

Do you take credit cards at the lodge for purchases?

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard for purchases of $20.00 and over.

Are there any special size restrictions on the fish we catch?


Where can we get up to date weather forecasts?

On this website, click on Weather Forecast.

Can we bring leeches or nightcrawlers into Canada?

You can no longer bring leeches into Canada. You can bring nightcrawlers provided they are packed in worm bedding not dirt.

How can I contact Canada Customs if I have a question?

You can call them at 1-800-461-9999.
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If someone gets ill, how far is a hospital?

The town of Dryden has a hospital. It is about 30 minutes away.

How much tobacco can we bring into Ontario?

Persons of 19 years or more can bring with them 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 2 lbs. of loose tobacco.

How much liquor can we bring across the border?

Each person of legal age (19 years old in Ontario) can bring 1 case of beer (24 x 355 ml) or 40 ounces of liquor.

What form of identification should I have with me?

Starting June 2009 PASSPORTS are required to return to the states from Canada. Also photo ID such as a drivers license. Persons under 18 years old not with an adult should have a letter of permission from a parent. Also, children traveling with someone other than a parent should have a letter of permission from a parent.

How do I bring my medications into Canada?

Keep them in their original containers and do not consolidate them into fewer containers.

Do we need to bring a cooler for our fish?

Parties must bring their own cooler for fish to be transported back home in.

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