Deer hunting in Northwestern Ontario is world class. On the edge of their northern range, the living is not easy for the bucks here. The winters are cold, long, and the snows are often deep. Wolves stalk the shadows of the woods and the food is often hard to find. This doesn’t sound like a good recipe for a deer hunting destinations. However the hardships of the north, like a knife sharpener, hone the deer herd down to the strongest and biggest. The bucks that survive here are big in body and if they make it to their fourth and fifth seasons, they can grow monster antlers. This is not the place to come to see twenty deer a day, although that is possible. No, the deer hunting lands around North Shore Lodge are the place to come to take the biggest buck of your life.

The deer hunting at North Shore Lodge is done from stands overlooking good funnel areas or bait stations. Since food is at a premium in the north, baiting stations are used to attract does which in turn attract the bucks looking for them during the rut. This hunt starts around Halloween and ends toward the end of November.

A few notes about the deer hunting at North Shore Lodge. First, be prepared for weather extremes. It can be quite comfortable and warm, but it can also be extremely cold, wet and snowy. Hunters need to dress in layers that can evolve with the changes in the weather. Also, the deer here can be big of body, so firearms of sufficient caliber that the hunter can shoot accurately are recommended. Finally, be prepared for waiting for fairly long stretches without seeing any deer or at least a buck. The bucks here have large ranges and often you must be patient and wait for the deer to show up. It’s the persistent hunter that often gets the biggest deer at North Shore Lodge.

The bonus is that while on stand, you will have the opportunity to see other wildlife as well. Wolves, lynx’s, weasels, and moose are all a possibility for a day’s viewing in addition to the other animals you might encounter while deer hunting.

When you aren’t hunting, you will be treated to excellent food, service and accommodations back at the lodge to recharge for the next day on stand. The guides at North Shore Lodge will help out in all parts of your hunt to make it enjoyable and successful.